Who are we? Jeremy Benson shares the story ...

How did it all begin?

Our family roots have always been in farming. We're from stock seasoned in early starts, long days, toiling in the soil and of course days spent in the orchard, growing the best British apples. During a visit to the family fruit farm in Lanchester, County Durham we were offered a glass of apple juice that had been made by simply pressing the apples - nothing else added; just fresh fruity apple juice. We thought it tasted great, so we took some barrels down to a local music festival. We soon saw that everyone loved it and couldn't get enough - we'd found something worth sharing!

That was the start of Bensons and our passion for delicious freshly pressed juices. We'll never forget that first, crisp glass of freshly pressed apple juice that sowed the seed of an idea: to bring the drink we loved as a family, to families far and wide.

How do you make the juice?

We use the finest British apples, which are pressed on our farm using a simple, traditional process which captures all of the juice naturally needing no additives. The farm is on a beautiful old country estate owned by the National Trust right in the heart of the Cotswolds in Gloucestershire.

We never add water, sugar, additives or preservatives and we only use British apples sourced locally whenever available. We never ever use concentrates and we use the best natural ingredients which taste so good we never need to add anything else. We're proud to say this also makes them suitable for diabetics

What is the Bensons Philosophy?

Our philosophy to use only the finest seasonal British apples is at the core - no pun intended - of what we do. We believe that by using only British apples we are doing our bit to keep the orchards in the UK thriving especially as 60% of orchards have disappeared since the 1950s. Bensons is a bustling community of Benson believers - not just grandparents, parents and children, but friends, neighbours, locals, farmers, bookkeepers, shopkeepers, the postman, the butcher, the truck driver, the barista, the apple pickers, the pulp-eating pigs and not least of all, our loyal drinkers too. Everyone plays their part in keeping us going and growing. That's the beauty of families, there's always room for more at the table.

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